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The Gospel in the Original Star Names

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God made the stars                          Gen 1:16

God numbered the stars                   Psa 147:4

God named the stars                        Isa 40:26

Stars have orderly arrangement       Job 38:31-33

Stars are for "signs"                          Gen 1:14; Ro 1:18-20

Stars are for seasons "appointed times"           Gen 1:14  

Stars show knowledge                      Psa 19:1,2

"The heavens declare the glory of God;"  Ps 19:1

"And the heavens shall declare his righteousness; for God is judge himself. Selah."  Ps 50:6

"And the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O LORD: thy faithfulness also in the congregation of the saints.  For who in the heaven can be compared unto the LORD?..."  Ps 89:5,6

         The 3 Sections of the 12 Constellations of Mazzaroth

The first four constellations:  

     (The suffering Savior delivering man from the penalty of sin.)

The second four constellations:

     (The glorified Blessor delivering man from the power of sin.)

The third four constellations:

     (The reigning Judge delivering man from the presence of sin.)

The following two videos are meant to familiarize you with this subject so that you will better appreciate the videos below them.

Gen 15:5 Depicted on a Star Chart

First 5 signs Going Over the Chart Depicted in Gen 15:5

Signs 6 into 9


Last of the 12 Signs

How Men Have Picture the 48 Ancient Constellations

Original Names of the 12 Signs of Mazzaroth

Over 200 Bible Verses Associated with This Subject

Prophetic Significance of Each of the Original 48 Constellations

Misc., Interesting Signs in Star Gospel


Link of James D. Kennedy speaking on "The Gospel in the Stars."

Kennedy did a whole series of videos on this subject.

Recommended books:

"The Gospel in the Stars"    by Joseph A. Seiss              1882  

"The Witness of the Stars"   by E.W. Bullinger                 1893

"The Gospel in the Stars"    by Duane Edward Spencer  1972

"God's Voice in the Stars"    by Kenneth C. Fleming        1981

                                The Number 48

48 is 12 x 4

In Biblical hermeneutics (interpretation)  "twelve" speaks of "governing" or "rule".

                                                                 "four" speaks of "earth".

Numbers 33 lists 48 places where the Jews camped in the wilderness wanderings.

48 cities were given to the Levites in the Promised Land, Nu 35:7; Josh 21:41.

Ezekiel has 48 chapters.

God grouped the stars into 48 constellations with 12 main divisions.

(Interesting that there are also 48 contigual states in the U.S.A.)