Considering God's Word

Recent Interaction with God

    While working on this website today (4-14-16), I accidentally highlighted the entire text of the Introduction page and then immediately hit the "delete" key (intending to delete just one letter, not the entire page!  New to using a Mac computer, I didn't know how to undo this mistake.  I knew of "control z" on Windows, but knew that didn't work here.  I went to the Internet for help, and found the "control z" remedy, but nothing for a Mac.  I called my computer savy daughter, and then my pastor who gave me this computer.  Both were away, and I was only able to leave a message.  I could not wait, for I had to leave the house to meet an appointment with H & R Block.  So I did what I should have done first.  I asked God for help.  I immediately went back to this computer, tried "command z" and it worked.  Thank You, Lord!

      The story above was not over (concerning my "recent interaction with God").  The next Sunday, Pas. Dan said something along the lines that I have heard him say more than once before.  God should not be the last person we should go to for help, but the first person.  God then brought my story above to my mind, and reminded me that I still need to work on this after all these years of knowing Him.  Yes, Lord.