Considering God's Word


   This is one of my favorite subjects, and I plan to share here in the future some of the teaching I have used in the past to help disciple a person for Christ.

    Though most of discipleship material is intended for the person that has experienced receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior (covered in the page "How To Be Saved") some that have gone through this material have actually realized they were not really saved in the first place, and have then desired to be saved.  One such person was the head deaconess in my former church, who when watching a person pray to receive Christ in our Home Bible Study, then asked if we could pray again because she had never done this in her life.  The next Sunday she asked to share this experience with the congregation.


Salvation:                           Jn 3:16  

Assurance of Salvation:     Jn 5:24   1Jn 5:13    

Plan of Salvation                Ro 3:10,23   5:8,12   6:23   10:9,10,13

                                           2Co 5:21     Jn 1:12    Eph 2:8,9

Dealing with sin                1Jn 1:9    1Co 10:13    Ps 66:18

Victorious living                Ro 6:11-14   Phil 4:6-9   Pro 3:5,6  

The Word of God               Heb 4:12   Ps 12:6,7   Mt 4:4

Witnessing                         Mt 28:18-20   Ac 1:8     2Ti 2:2    Pro 29:25  

                                           Isa 41:10